VMware vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK

Product description

VMware vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK is a toolkit for developing a package that enables integration of a third-party IPAM provider with vRealize Automation and vRealize Automation Cloud.

  • The download package provides a sample implementation of a third-party IPAM provider.
  • The attached technical guide explains how to build an IPAM integration that conforms to vRealize Automation requirements for a third-party IPAM provider.

vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK supports the following IPAM service operations:

  • Allocate next available IP address
  • Release allocated IP addresses
  • Get a page of IP ranges from IPAM endpoint
  • Updates the created host record - Can be used to update MAC address of machine after it has been provisioned
  • Validates that the IPAM endpoint credentials are valid and that a connection to the external IPAM system can be established successfully
  • Creates a network inside an IP block
  • Deletes an already allocated network
  • Get page of IP blocks from IPAM endpoint

Taken together, the sample and the documentation enable a developer to integrate vRealize Automation with a third-party IPAM solution.


Name Version Size      
VMware vRealize Automation Third-Party IPAM SDK 1.0.0     Download

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