vSphere Web Client SDK


The VMware vSphere Web Client SDK 5.5 allows you to create and package UI and server extensions (e.g. plug-ins) to vSphere Web Client 5.5.0, the main administration interface to vSphere. Version 5.5 expands on version 5.1 with many new features while retaining its core extensibility and scalable web architecture. The SDK provides all the tools necessary to get started or perform advanced development.

Note : The vSphere Web Client SDK 5.5 U1 adds support for HTML/Javascript plugins.

It consists of the following components:

  • Libraries for server and UI development 
  • Setup, Tutorial, and FAQ docs
  • API documentation (javadoc, asdoc)
  • vSphere Web Client Extensions Programming Guide
  • Plug-in Samples and associated docs
  • Various SDK tools to facilitate development


Services Offered

  • Instructor Led Training
  • Developer Consulting
  • For more details, please e-mail Partner Services

VMware SDK Support Program

  • Provides access to VMware vSphere Application Programming Interface (API) expert engineers.
  • Pricing is by annual subscription, per developer, with unlimited support incidents.
  • For more details, please see our support section

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vSphere Web Client SDK 5.5   Documentation Download
vSphere Web Client SDK 5.5.1     Download
vSphere Web Client SDK 5.5.2     Download

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