vSphere Automation SDK for Java


The vSphere Automation SDK for Java enables programmatic access to vSphere. It includes java libraries for accessing features available via the vSphere REST API including Virtual Machine management, vCenter Appliance management, Content Library and Tagging. The SDK contains samples for the features mentioned above including how to interoperate with vSphere APIs. For more information on the vSphere Web Services API samples, please refer to the vSphere Management SDK.


The vSphere Automation SDK for Java is available in two forms, as a zip file, and as an Eclipse update site for use with Workbench IS.

Zip File

If you are not using the Eclipse IDE, or simply wish to do command line development, please download and expand the zip file version of the vSphere Automation SDK.

Workbench IS

If you use the Eclipse IDE for your development, you can benefit from the installation of the Workbench Integrated Suite (Workbench IS) version of the SDK. The Workbench IS package of the SDK has the same contents as the zip file version, but adds additional features such as connecting to remote ESXi systems, log file analysis, new project wizards, code completion and more.

There are two ways to install the Workbench IS version of the SDK:  

  1. Use Eclipse online update installation, following the instructions on the Workbench IS page.
  2. Download and manually install the "update site" zip files yourself. Download and install Workbench IS first, then install the "UpdateSite-*" package which you can download below. The Workbench IS page contains detailed instructions on how to install from an update site zip file. You must use this approach if your workstation does not have internet connectivity.

Please note, the vSphere Automation SDK for Java is now available as an Open Source SDK and can be contributed to or downloaded from Github here


Name Version Size      
vSphere Automation SDK for Java 6.7     Download

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