vSphere Client SDK

18 Nov 2021 - ESXi 7.0 U3, U3a and U3b and vCenter U3b are no longer available for download due to critical issues. For information, please refer to KB Article 86398.However, partners may continue to develop and certify their vSphere Client solutions with 7.0 U3.


The VMware vSphere Client SDK 7.0 provides sample plug-ins, tools, libraries and documentation to help developers build user interface vSphere Client extensions for both vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Planned Deprecation of Local Plug-ins

Important: VMware has announced intent to deprecate local plug-ins with the next major release of vSphere, and stop their support in the subsequent major release.

While they will still be supported in the next major release local plug-ins need to consume a number of security-related changes in vSphere. Partners should migrate all local plug-ins to the remote plug-in architecture as soon as possible.

Getting Started

 1. Go through the Remote plug-in programming guide  which contains quick-start tips, architecture overview, development guidelines and best practices.

 2. Get to know the manifest format and the JavaScript API for remote plug-ins.

 3. For migration from local plug-ins use the SDK migration tools for plug-in manifest conversion and JavaScript API migration.

 4. Check the Release notes, the UX guidelines and follow the SDK blog posts.

 5. Download the SDK, build your plug-in and test it against all vCenter Server versions it supports.

 6. Certify your plug-in with the vSphere Client Plugin Certification program.

Any questions? Reach out via plugin@vmware.com, Developer Center Partner Network or the Forum.


Name Version Size      
vSphere Client SDK 7.0     Download
vSphere Client SDK 7.0 U2     Download
vSphere Client SDK 7.0 U1     Download
vSphere Client SDK 7.0 U3     Download

2 Documentation and Reference