vSphere Client Design Guidelines

UX Design Guidelines for vSphere Client (HTML5)

These guidelines are for anyone designing a plug-in or new feature for vSphere Client. They offer critical information to help you design an integrated, holistic user experience.

vSphere Client is evolving, and we'll update this document as we develop new patterns.  Check out the latest vSphere Client Fling to see where we're headed.


Clean, modern interface

The vSphere Client design team embraced the classic design principles of simplicity and minimalism while focusing on performance and usability. The clean, modern look and feel of vSphere Client stems from the use of the Clarity Design System.


Improved user experience

The information model and workflows have been streamlined.  Features and functionality are more intuitive. The vSphere design team has been working in small increments, continually seeking user feedback, and iterating on the designs.  



Looking for a previous version of the guidelines? Go to UX Design Standards for vSphere Web Client.