vSphere Client Design Guidelines

Errors and Warnings

vSphere Client uses alerts and modals for errors and warnings. If the goal of your message is to inform the user about a workflow or UI element, use a less obtrusive option, such as a tooltip.



An alert uses text, color, and an icon to denote the severity of a message.

Common placement of an alert is near the element or section that requires attention, or at the top if the message affects the entire area.

See alerts on the Clarity Design System website for live examples and guidelines.



A modal forces the user to take action. It's best for a critical or destructive action.

In addition to the default width (medium, 576 px), Clarity modals come in two other sizes appropriate for messages. Choose the best fit for your content.

Use the body of the message to provide users more information about the cause of the error and guide them in taking action. Don't simply reword the title.

Optionally, use red for a button that performs a potentially destructive action.