vSphere Client Design Guidelines

Summary Tab

The Summary tab shows an object's key attributes, summarizes its context, and links to more detailed information.

The object's key attributes are at the top of the tab. Additional summary data is presented in portlets.


Example of adding a portlet to the Summary tab of a vSphere object



  • Provide only summary information.
    Don't overload this tab with detailed information or actions.  Instead, link to details on the Monitor and Configure tabs.

  • Provide data that users can understand at a glance.
    Avoid using charts and data visualizations, which work better on the Monitor tab.

  • When extending an existing object, add only one portlet to this tab. 
    Too many portlets on the Summary tab can slow performance.


SDK Documentation

The extension point for adding a portlet to the Summary tab is: vsphere.core.${objectType}.summarySectionViews

See Creating Extensions to the Summary Tab.


vSphere Client Fling

The vSphere Client Fling includes the latest explorations on using cards (instead of portlets) on the Summary tab.