vSphere Client Design Guidelines


The pointers to your plug-in can appear beneath one of the predefined categories in the Navigator, or under a new category that you create. 



You can add one pointer to the top-level of the Navigator. Typically, this goes to your plug-in home page.

Use clear, accurate, and concise text to convey the identity of your plug-in. Avoid truncating text.

The main menu offers the same pointers as the top-level of the Navigator. Because the menu is always available, it can minimize the number of  clicks to your plug-in.



A Level for Your Plug-in

You can create a secondary level of navigation specific to your plug-in.  This area is appropriate for your plug-in's dashboards and consoles

This level is also the recommended place for your plug-in's inventory.  Placing your inventory here instead of in the Global Inventory makes your inventory easier to find.  The Global Inventory is long, and pointers to your inventory might scroll off the screen.

Keep your links in the Navigator to a single level (no nesting).


Administration Level

This level of the Navigator is the recommended place for your plug-in's administration features, such as settings.



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