vSphere Client Design Guidelines

Styling Your Plug-in

For a consistent experience across the vSphere Client environment, use the Clarity Design System.  Check the Clarity web site often for updates—the component set is evolving.


Component Styling

You can jumpstart the wireframing of your project by using the Clarity Sketch template, which has ready-to-use component styling.  If using a component not in Clarity, make sure you adhere to the Clarity look and feel, as defined by its HTML/CSS framework.

Plug-in developers commonly use these Clarity components:

Although the vSphere Client is not currently 100% compliant with Clarity, vSphere Client will catch up.  Until then, the differences won't be too jarring to the users.



If your plug-in requires an icon, check for an appropriate image in the Clarity icon set. If you need an icon specific to your plug-in's functionality, follow the Clarity iconography guidelines.


See Also in Clarity