By default, the standard UI controls include keyboard navigation inherited from Adobe Flex. For more information see Accessible components and containers in the Flex documentation.

In addition, you can create a more accessible UI by following these standards, which benefit accessibility:

  • The Actions Menu standard promotes consistent wording and ordering of menu items.
  • The Validation standard gives pointers for preventing conditions that are prone to error.
  • The Messages and Confirmations standard describes how to handle a user-initiated action that cannot be reversed.
  • The Progress Indicators standard describes how to provide feedback when users must wait.
  • The Icons standard shows toolbar and message icons.
  • The UI Text standard lists common terms and vocabulary.
  • The Links standard promotes proper language and style for hypertext.
  • The Help standard describes how to embed instructional text in the UI--keep it brief.
  • The Navigator standard describes the standard workflow.

See also the recommended design practices on these web sites:

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