Batch Operations

With a batch operation, users can issue the same action on multiple objects.  Batch operations are available from a toolbar or by right-clicking after selecting multiple objects, for example, in a datagrid.


  • Enable only the actions that are common to all selected objects.
    When a single virtual machine is selected: When multiple virtual machines are selected: When different object types are selected:

  • If the selected objects are in a mixed state, and an action does not apply for one of the selected objects, enable the action, but execute it only for the objects that are eligible.
  • Ask users to confirm the operation using this dialog.

    State the number of objects affected, the object type, and the operation.

    Use the question icon for a harmless operation and the warning icon for a potentially destructive operation.

    Message Text
    Focus on the objects, for example:

    Deleting 4 virtual machines.  Continue?
    Deleting 3 of 4 virtual machines.  Continue?
    You cannot delete the selected virtual machines.

    Show/Hide Details
    Toggle a list of the affected objects.

    Use Yes and No.

    The details view provides information specific to each object. Include the "Problem Description" column only when the reason the operation can't be performed is different.  Otherwise, include the problem description within the message text.

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