Charts and Graphs

Charts and graphs are a visual representation of data best suited for showing large quantities of data and the history of data over time.

While charts come in many forms, the bar graph or chart is most common in vSphere Web Client.  Bar charts are typically contained inside a portlet.


In contrast to what's commonly displayed in a portlet, the  Summary tab displays metric usage in a bar chart.


  • Provide a title above the chart that briefly describes its contents.
  • Annotate the data with text, for example, by including a legend when the data contains multiple data sets.
  • Use this predefined color palette:
    • #8FDAF9
    • #7B71C9
    • #9CC617
    • #448230
    • #32428A
    • #EEC83B
    • #5E9CFF
    • #E06B45
    • #939FA7

Visual Specification

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