Disabled Controls

Controls are disabled when they don't apply in the current context.

  • Disable a control when:
    • Its associated object is not in the correct state to make the action or the control relevant.
    • The user can take a reasonable action to enable the control.
  • Do not disable or remove a control based on an error condition. Instead, let users attempt the action and give them an appropriate error message.
  • Never use a disabled state to advertise a product features--if the user doesn't have a license for a feature, don't show it in the UI.  Exception:  You can put a product download link on the Home page.
  • Always show the value of the disabled control and do not change the value when the user enables the control.
  • If you disable a control, also disable all associated elements (such as its label and explanatory text).
  • See the visual specification within each UI control standard for information on its disabled state.

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