Feedback Patterns

Use these mechanisms to provide consistent feedback to users.

Message and confirmation dialogsDeliver information about a situation or condition

If your message, such a an error, warning, or confirmation, requires the user's immediate attention, use the message dialog.  See Messages and Confirmations.


Validation errorsFlag input that doesn't match expected format

You can validate user input at the field level, at the page level, and when the user finishes a dialog or wizard.  See Validation.



Notifications and banners:  Relay non-critical info

For non-critical messages, you can use either a notification window, which fades out after ten seconds, or a banner, which persists until the user closes it. See Notifications and Banners.


Progress indicators: Express progress and on-going activity

Use a progress indicator to monitor the progress of an operation and to visualize capacity. See Progress Indicators.

Refresh controls:  Update global and local data

You can refresh data on a fixed time schedule or when the user initiates the action. See Refresh.



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