Getting Started Tab

Within the five tab structure, the Getting Started tab helps users understand how to work with objects in the vSphere Web Client.  The Getting Started tab is the default tab users see when they first open an object.

While this tab is a good way to provide beginning information to users, it can also annoy users with its continued presence in the UI.  Therefore, every Getting Started tab includes a Close button in the upper right corner.  Users can restore the Getting Started tabs from the Help menu.


Object Description

  • Examine the Getting Started tabs that ship with the vSphere Web Client to determine the level of technical detail to put in the description. 
  • Use bold for the title text, for example, "What is a Virtual Machine?" in the preceding figure.
  • Consult the UI Text standard for guidelines on writing style, punctuation, and terminology.


  • The recommended size for the image is 299 x 250 px (at 72 dpi).
  • See the images in the Getting Started tabs provided with the vSphere Web Client for examples.
  • Ensure that the image provides information in addition to the description.  Otherwise, do not include an image and leave that area blank.

Basic Tasks and Explore Further

  • Include up to six links in each section.
  • In Basic Tasks, link to actions that are required for initial configuration and that help the user get started using the object.
  • Use sentence-style capitalization.

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