The design of your plug-in plays a key role in keeping the overall vSphere Web Client experience consistent and easy to use.  These Standards are for anyone designing a plug-in or new feature for vSphere Web Client; they offer critical information to help you design an integrated, holistic user experience. Because the standards provide a common architecture and vocabulary, and help shorten design and development time, they are also useful to developers.

A vSphere plug-in (or solution) is an application that adds specialized data and features to vSphere Web Client.  Integration is the process of bringing your solution into vSphere Web Client so that it provides a consistent experience. Admins will find it familiar and easy to use.

A properly integrated solution:

  • Uses defined entry points for access to your solution
  • Interacts seamlessly with other solutions
  • Adds data to an object in the correct way, and where it makes most sense within a workflow
  • Uses standard design patterns, UI controls, and navigation mechanisms

If your solution complies with these standards, it will be properly integrated. You can evaluate the completeness of your integration by using the Integration Compliance checklist.

Sometimes a new pattern or component might be required -- see our process for submitting one.

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