Manage Tab

The Manage tab shows system configurations for an object.  The primary goal of this tab is to allow users to edit an object's settings.  Information is typically presented in a stack editor, datagrid, or master/detail view.



The prescribed set of default subtabs for the Manage tab are Alarm Definitions, Tags, and Permissions.   By integrating with the appropriate vCenter service, the information for these tabs is automatically populated.  Your solution must provide its own Settings tab.

  • If you have a major workflow, such as networking, create a new tab.  Never put a major workflow on the more general Settings tab. 
  • Place VMware infrastructure and extensions first, followed by your solution extensions.


  • Use the Manage tab for actions that go beyond adding and deleting related objects (which users can do on the Related Objects tab).  For example, editing the settings of objects goes on the Manage > Setting tab and editing the failover order of networks goes on the Manage > Networking.  
  • Ensure that users can add and deleted related object from the Manage tab.  This workflow is quicker than requiring users to navigate to the Related Object tab.


To prevent users from accidentally changing a value, data in the Manage tab is read-only.  To enable editing, your solution must open the data in a dialog. See the TOC/Detail View standard for an example of enabling editing, typically used on the Setting tab.

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