Mouse Interactions

The mouse interactions within vSphere Web Client are similar to the standard interactions for other UIs.

User Action   Description
Hover   Hovering over a standard control changes its background color, indicating that the control is clickable. Hovering over an object can also display a tooltip.
Left-click   A left-click selects or activates an object.  A left-click is used to select an inventory object in a datagrid, initiate the action of a button or link, select an item from a list, and set an insertion point in a text input field.
Right-click (Windows)
Control + click (Mac)
  A right- or Control-click displays a context menu.
Double-click   A double-click on an inventory object selects and opens the object.  A double-click on a word selects the word.
Shift-click   A Shift-click allows for contiguous selection of objects, for example, in a list or a datagrid.

Control-click (Windows)
Command-click (Mac)

  A Control- or Command-click allows for non-contiguous selection of objects.
Scroll   Scrolling moves the content within a window or container in the direction of the motion.
Press   A mouse press starts the process of dragging, moving, resizing, or splitting an object until the user releases the mouse button.


The cursor can assume a variety of shapes to indicate an interaction is possible.  The default cursor changes on hover over the object.

Cursor Example Use

The arrow is the default cursor for pointing, selecting, and moving.

In addition, the arrow is used for the following clickable controls. These standard controls use hover effects to indicate that they are clickable.

  • Buttons
  • Cells of a datagrid
  • Check boxes
  • Combo boxes
  • Drop-down menus
  • Items in a list
  • Radio buttons
  • Scroll bars
  • Tabs
  • Tab bars
  • Toolbar buttons
Pointing Hand Use for links and clickable objects other than the standard controls, for example, a disclosure triangle.
Text Use for selecting or inserting text.
Resize    Use the horizontal, vertical and diagonal resize cursors to adjust the border of an object.  The arrow points in the direction of the movement.
Clock Face Use for operations that take five seconds or less, and the application cannot accept user action.  For operations more than five seconds, use a progress indicator.  Never use a non-blocking busy cursor.

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