Notifications and Banners

Notifications and banners allow your solution to keep users informed about events and system status.


A notification is a small window that appears in the lower right corner of the application and fades out after ten seconds.

  • Use a notification to display noncritical system status information such as completed or failed tasks and alerts.
  • Because a notification windows is temporarily displayed, don't use it for information that requires the user's immediate attention.  In this case, a message dialog is a better choice.
  • Ensure that the information in a notification persists elsewhere in the UI so that users can view it at a later time.  In vSphere Web Client, users can view notification messages:
    • In the All tab in the Recent Tasks portlet
    • In the Tasks and Events consoles
    • If the notification is for a failure, in the Failed tab of the Recent Tasks portlet and the object's Monitor > Issues tab
  • Write complete sentences and use ending punctuation.


A banner is yellow bar that contains a noncritical message. A banner persists in the UI until the user closes it.

  • Use a banner:
    • In the application chrome, to communicate important information about the status of the system
    • In the main content area, to highlight issues that require users' attention
    • In a dialog or wizard, to show a problem found when the user moves between pages or finishes the window. See the Validation standard.
  • Always display a banner above the midline of the application. 
  • Provide short, yet informative error text.

Visual Specification


The minimum size of a notification window is 250 x 80 pixels.  At this size, your notification can include two lines of text. The maximum size is 350 x 350 pixels.


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