Object Selector

The Object Selector allows users to browse, search, and select a set of objects and take action on them.  Users typically open the Object Selector by clicking a Browse or Add button in a dialog or wizard. 



  • Use the Object Selector when the following conditions apply:
    • Users needs to select one or more objects from a list of 30 or more objects.  For smaller lists, use a listbox.
    • The set of objects is too large to fit inline in a dialog or wizard.
    • The set of objects is either represented in the search service (for example, is an inventory object) or is an object related to an inventory object (for example, a chassis on a host, or port groups on a network).
  • Use either a list box or datagrid, depending on the amount of information to display about the objects. For example, if you have a list of hosts, and the host name is a sufficient distinguishing factor, provide a list box with the name and icon. Use a datagrid for a list of port groups that requires a second column to describe the host.
  • Optionally, select objects by default.
  • If only single selection is required, replace the check boxes with radio buttons.
  • Always enable the OK button.
  • Don't allow the Object Selector to be minimized to the Work in Progress portlet.
  • Follow the guidelines for the filter control in the Datagrid standard.
  • By default the Object Selector is 950 x 570 pixels.

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