Pop-Up Windows

A pop-up window presents users with information related to an anchor point, such as a control, graphic, or object.


Pop-up windows have several usage patterns:

  • Provide details about an alarm or task listed in the Global Sidebar
  • Present users with information related to a UI element (also known as signpost help)
  • List objects the user recently viewed in the Navigator


  • Open the window so that it doesn't obscure the element for which it provides information.
  • Close the window on the user's next mouse click.
  • Don't show a tooltip and a pop-up window for the same object, at the same time. 
  • Use this presentation style:
    • Use a short title that explains the content.
    • Provide a link or Close button to enable users to close the window.
    • Link to additional information as needed.
    • Limit user requests to one input.  For more than one input, use a dialog.

Visual Specification

The minimum size of pop-up window is 294 x 150 pixels and the maximum size is 510 x 424 pixels, including the tail. Make the window as large as required by the content and within the given the screen real estate. Pop-up windows should contain their content without scroll bars.

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