Power Operations

Power operations apply to virtual machines. These operations are available from a toolbar and by right-clicking on the selected object.


  • Follow these rules for enabling power operations.
    If the selection is...   Enable
    A single virtual machine or multiple virtual machines in the same state  

    The power operations that apply in the current context

    Example: When all virtual machines are powered on, enable the "shut down" and "restart" operations and disable "power on."

    Multiple virtual machines in mixed states   All power operations

    Example:  If some virtual machines are "powered on" and others "powered off," enable actions that both power on and power off the virtual machines (power on, shut down, and restart).  No action is taken on objects already in the selected state.
  • When displaying state in a datagrid, ensure the column is wide enough to show "Power On" or "Power Off" (and does not truncate the text to "Powered o…").

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