A tooltip is a short description about a UI element. 


  • Use a tooltip to provide more information about an UI element, for example, as a label for an icon button or for text that is truncated with an ellipsis (...).
  • Don't use tooltips on dynamic controls, such as menus, where the tooltip might interfere with using the control.
  • Don't put a tooltip on a text input box.  Ensure that your label for the text box is informative and provide additional text below the text input box or in signpost help.
  • When a tooltip describes the function of a control, use sentence-style capitalization.  If a complete sentence, end with a period. Don't use ending punctuation for a sentence fragment.

  • When a tooltip provides a label for a button-based action, treat the text as if it were a menu item.  Use title-style capitalization and no ending punctuation.

  • Limit a tooltip to one brief sentence or less.  Tooltips obscure information in the UI, and should not use more words than necessary.
  • Ensure that the entire tooltip is visible on the screen.
  • Don't put a tooltip and signpost help on the same control.

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