Validation verifies that user input is correctly formatted and in required fields.  Validation occurs at the field-, page-, and form-level.

Field-level validation occurs while focus is in a text input box or immediately after it loses focus.  Users get immediate feedback when a problem is found.

Page-level validation occurs when the user attempts to change pages. Form-level validation happens when the user submits the form.  A yellow banner identifies incorrect input.



  • Provide short, yet informative error text.  For example, "A virtual machine with the same name exists.  Enter a new name."
  • If a validation error is found in a wizard, block forward, but not backwards navigation.  The user can correct input on a previous page.  Ensure that both the Next button and forward steps in the table of contents are disabled.
  • In a multipage dialog, never block navigation between pages because of a validation error. Dialogs do not have interpage dependencies.  
  • Validate input upon restoring a wizard or dialog from the Work in Progress (WIP) portlet.  Show a progress inidcator during validation.
    • Restore a wizard to the step that the user was on when the wizard was minimized, or, if an error occurred during validation, the lowest-numbered, invalid step.
    • Restore a dialog to the page that the user was last on.
  • Assist users in providing correct input. For example, include an instructional label and inline text for a text input box.

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