VMware Cloud Services CLI

What's New

This minor release adds support for vRealize Automation 8.x in addition to vRealize Automation Cloud. Main updates include:

  1. Support username/password authentication for vRA 8.X
  2. Updated provisioning services sub commands to new APIs
  3. Updated Code Stream services sub commands to new APIs

This release adds GDPR compliance for VMware vRealize Automation Cloud instances running in non-US regions.


The VMware Cloud Services CLI is a command-line utility that provides verb-based access with a unified interface

Highlights include:

  • Create and Manage Cloud Assembly discovered and created objects such as network devices, storage devices, compute instances and more.
  • Create, Manage and Deploy Cloud Assembly blueprints, including pre-stage plans and version management.
  • Create and Manage Cloud Assembly constructs like cloud zones, image and flavor profiles.
  • Create and Manage cross-service constructs like Project and Cloud Accounts.
  • Manage Deployment objects
  • Execute Code Stream pipelines
  • Import and Export Code Stream Pipelines and Cloud Assembly Blueprints
  • Manage CLI Telemetry settings

Tags: automation


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VMware Cloud Services CLI 1.1.0     Download

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