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Develop, Automate, and Certify Solutions With VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS provides an open, extensible framework that enables customers, partners, independent software vendors, and open-source software contributors to create scripts, solutions and services that integrate, extend, and automate the VMware Cloud on AWS service and deployed Software-defined Datacenters (SDDCs) via a robust set of APIs, SDKs, CLIs, and other resources.

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Core Capabilities

Development and Integration

Develop and integrate your applications to work with VMware Cloud on AWS and the deployed SDDC with our APIs and get up and running fast with our open-sourced development kits and use case driven samples.

In Product Discovery

Explore and learn the available developer and automation interfaces available to VMware Cloud on AWS with the built-in Developer Center. This area consists of several sections, each with the goal of helping to make the development and...


Automate the features of VMware Cloud on AWS and the deployed SDDC in a simplified, guided manner with our Command Line Interfaces including VMware Data Center CLI (DCLI) and VMware PowerCLI, our open-source Software Development Kits available...

Key Use Cases

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