VMware Workbench IS 3.0

VMware Workbench IS is a selection of VMware tools, delivered as a plugin to the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and includes VMware specific extensions that integrate with VMware vSphere, View, and vCloud. Additional plugins are available to support specific products and technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Workbench Dashboard aids in the discovery and installation of VMware SDK plugins and keeps you up to date with the latest VMware updates.
    • A wide variety of available VMware SDK plugins support specific products and technologies, providing IDE features such as code completion, syntax highlighting and debugging.
    • Browse the online documentation before installation.
    • Keep up to date with the latest versions via a built-in RSS feed.
  • Remote System Explorer (RSE) an open source Eclipse plugin, extended by VMware to work with VMware ESX, allows users to remotely access ESX systems and query common status information as well as accessing ESX's console.
  • vLogbrowser supports the viewing and analysis of vSphere and Workbench log files.

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