VMware Workbench IS 3.5

VMware Workbench IS is a selection of VMware tools, delivered as a plugin to the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and includes VMware specific extensions that integrate with VMware vSphere, vRealize, and vCloud. Additional plugins are available to support specific products and technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Workbench Dashboard aids in the discovery and installation of VMware SDK plugins and keeps you up to date with the latest VMware updates.
    • A wide variety of available VMware SDK plugins support specific products and technologies, providing IDE features such as code completion, syntax highlighting and one-click debugging.
    • Browse the online documentation before installation.
    • Keep up to date with the latest versions via a built-in RSS feed.
  • Remote System Explorer (RSE) is an open source Eclipse plugin which allows interacting with services on remote systems.  Provides remote consoles, object browsers, and other services for ESXi, vCenter, vR Ops, vRO, and more.  Also enables ssh shell access into ESX irrespective of your host system (i.e. ssh into ESXi from a Windows host)
  • vLogbrowser supports the viewing and analysis of vSphere and Workbench log files.

What's New In 3.5.7

  • Support for Eclipse on-line updating for installation
  • Support has been added for vSphere 6.5 certifications and devkits.


Install from the VMware Eclipse update site

For 3.5.7 support has been added for installing Workbench IS and associated tools using the native Eclipse online update installation mechanism.  This is the fastest and most convenient way to install and is advised.  If you do not have internet access from your development workstation and need to install manually follow the instructions below.

To install:

  1. In Eclipse, click "Help" > "Install new Software…"
  2. Click the "Add…" button on the right.
  3. In the "Name" edit box type "VMware Workbench IS".  In the "Location" edit box paste the following URL:

    (note that this URL is for the Eclipse IDE and not viewable in a browser)
  4. Click “OK”, and Eclipse will query the online update site for available features to install.
  5. Check the “VMware Workbench Integrated Suite” box to install all Workbench IS features.  Note that other available VMware Tools and development kits may be listed and available for selection.
  6. Click through the wizard, accepting the EULA. Any warnings about unsigned plugins can be safely ignored.  Restart Eclipse to apply the changes.
What's New In 3.5?
The 3.5 release is a point release with minor bug fixes.
New Workbench Support Bundle feature to improve support for development kits.

After this installation, you should see the "Workbench Dashboard" from which you can explore and install available VMware APIs, SDKs, as well as Certifications.

1Workbench IS Download

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2 Documentation and Reference