Core Capability: Automatic Breadcrumbs


Automatic Breadcrumbs Overview

Automatic breadcrumbs allow developers to get additional information about the steps users have taken or key events that happen in the apps without requiring additional code changes. Events that trigger these breadcrumbs are stored by our SDK and displayed in our portal alongside developer-defined breadcrumbs, allowing you to trace back through the last steps users took or key events in your app before an error occurred. These breadcrumbs help you reproduce issues more easily and contain valuable diagnostics information.

Here are the different events that are stored as automatic breadcrumbs:

  • Handled Exceptions​
  • Crashes

App Background/Foreground

  • “App foregrounded”
  • “App backgrounded”

Network Connectivity Changes

  • “Internet connection UP” “Internet connection DOWN”
  • “XX (Connectivity State) connectivity gained”
  • “Switching from XX (Connectivity State) to XX (Connectivity State)”
  • Android connectivity states are: unknown, disconnected, 2G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, LTE, Wifi

Apple connectivity states are limited to: Wifi, cellular

UIView Loads (and View Names)

  • (Name of the View) loaded
  • (Name of the View) unloaded
  • App Launched “Session Start”