Core Capability: Breadcrumbs


Breadcrumbs Overview

A breadcrumb is a developer-defined text string that is analogous to a log message. Developers insert breadcrumbs to capture app run-time information, such as variable values, app states, progress through the code, user actions, time performance for user experience, and to flag events within callbacks (such as low memory warnings). Each breadcrumb can contain up to 140 characters.

Note: Breadcrumb logging is available only on a paid subscription plan.

To leave a breadcrumb, developers simply insert an API call (after Apteligent instantiation) at a point of interest in the code. Developers can also attach breadcrumbs to crashes and handled exceptions (both of which always have stacktraces) in order to:

  • Identify and analyze session events/state/variables to capture for debugging.
  • Use this information, along with stack traces, diagnostics, and metadata, to determine the root cause of the issue.

Developers use breadcrumbs to supplement IDE debugging, allowing them to capture useful information about app behavior once the apps have been distributed to a larger user audience. For each session, Apteligent libraries automatically store a session_start breadcrumb to mark the beginning of a user session, and the most recent 99 breadcrumbs that were left before a crash.