Core Capability: App Configuration


App Configuration Overview

An app may require seed information for initial configuration or updated configurations throughout the course of its lifecycle.

For example, the backend server URL of an application can be seeded to the application during install so the app can auto-configure with minimal user input. With the Workspace ONE platform, you can create seamless setup flows by provisioning app config values such as server, port and domain, down to your app. Improve user experience by eliminating first time setup steps and dynamically change settings in your app with over the air updates.


SUPPORTED APPROACHES Implementation Summary

The recommended approach for implementing app configuration is through the use of the AppConfig Community best practices of Managed Configurations for iOS and App Restrictions for Android. Detailed technical documentation is available at

  • Use the AppConfig Community practice of using iOS managed configs or Android app restrictions to deliver custom configuration values to your app.
  • AirWatch will use the platform MDM protocol to deliver these configuration values to NSUserDefault or RestrictionsManager upon installation of your app.
  • Requires enrollment in MDM.
  • Requires iOS 7+ or Android 5.0+ with Android for Work Device. Tutorials

Airwatch SDK Implementation Summary

An alternative approach to app config is through the integration of the AirWatch SDK to receive custom configurations from your AirWatch server.

  • Integrate the AirWatch SDK into your app and configure an SDK profile with a custom payload containing your configuration values and assign it to your app.
  • Initialize the SDK and use the appropriate method calls to retrieve the custom settings containing your configuration values.
  • Requires coding and device entry in AirWatch system, no MDM required.