Core Capability: Managed Open In


Managed Open In Overview

For apps that are used in heavily regulated industries, it may be important for IT to prevent applications from openly sharing data with each other. Apps containing sensitive files can be controlled to only share files across managed corporate applications to prevent private information from leaking into unmanaged apps.


SUPPORTED APPROACHES Implementation Summary

The recommended approach is to use the community best practices to configure restrictions profiles for the device to protect sharing of files with unmanaged apps.

  • Configure an iOS MDM or Android for Work restriction profile to restrict open-in to only occur within managed applications.
  • Requires enrollment in MDM.
  • Requires no coding.
  • Requires iOS 7+ of Android 5.0+ with Android for Word device.

Airwatch SDK Implementation Summary

One alternative approach is to use the AirWatch SDK to prevent files from being shared with unmanaged apps.

  • Integrate the AirWatch SDK into your application and configure the SDK profile with a copy/paste DLP restriction and assign it to your application.
  • Write your open-in logic to read the SDK profile settins first to ensure the sharing is permitted before executing the open-in.
  • Requires coding.
  • Supports non-MDM enrollment modes.