Core Capability: Prevent Screenshot


Prevent Screenshot Overview

For app usage in highly regulated industries, it may be important for IT to prevent applications from openly sharing data with each other. With the Prevent Screenshot capability, apps and devices containing sensitive content can be restricted from taking screenshots in order to discourage easy transfer of app content.



Airwatch SDK Implementation Summary

Alternative approach for Android is to use the AirWatch SDK to prevent files from being shared with unmanaged applications.

  • Integrate the AirWatch SDK into your application. Extend any UI activity you want to enforce this DLP restriction in with the SDKBaseActivity class.
  • Configure a SDK profile with a disable screenshot DLP restriction and assign it to your application.
  • Requires coding and device entry in AirWatch system, no MDM required. Implementation Summary

The recommended approach is to use the AppConfig Community practices to configure restrictions profiles for the device to disable screen capture. 

  • Configure an iOS MDM Restriction Profile or Android for Work restriction profile to disable screenshots.
  • Requires enrollment into MDM.
  • Requires iOS 9+ for iOS apps.
  • Requires no coding.

App Wrapping Implementation Summary

Another alternative approach for Android apps is to use Application Wrapping.

  • Requires neither coding nor MDM, only device entry in AirWatch system.
  • Develop and compile your application, then verify that the app is only using an approved MADP platform and coding techniques.
  • Run the compiled binary through the AirWatch App Wrapping engine.
  • Assign a wrapping profile to your app with a prevent screenshot DLP restriction.
  • Requires device entry in AirWatch system, no MDM required.