Core Capability: Single Sign On NTLM / Basic


Single Sign On NTLM / Basic Overview

For security reasons, enterprises may require authentication for their API endpoints and websites, SSO Basic / NTLM allows a developer to leverage enrollment credentials to handle the authentication without prompting the end user of the app.

Integrated Authentication is an AirWatch SDK feature that allows a developer to achieve Single Sign On for their app's web requests. The user's credentials are automatically passed to an endpoint that challenges for HTTP Basic or NTLM (NT LAN Manager) authentication. By doing so, it is no longer necessary for the developer to manually handle the authentication for an endpoint or prompt a user for credentials.



Airwatch SDK Implementation Summary

The recommended approach is to use the AirWatch SDK by enabling Integrated Authentication in the SDK Profile.

  • Integrate the AirWatch SDK into your application and configure a SDK profile with Integrated Authentication configured.
  • Use the SDK provided interfaces to handle the networking authentication challenges.
  • Requires coding and device entry in AirWatch system, no MDM required.

App Wrapping Implementation Summary

The alternative approach is to use Application Wrapping.

  • Develop and compile your application.
  • Verify that the app is only using an approved MADP platform and coding techniques.
  • Run the compiled binary through the AirWatch App Wrapping engine.
  • Assign a wrapping profile to your application Integrated Authentication.
  • Requires neither coding nor MDM, only device entry in AirWatch system.