Core Capability: Single Sign On OpenID Connect


Single Sign On OpenID Connect Overview

End users want easy access to their apps and data, and organizations want to avoid the security risks and helpdesk support tickets that come from different passwords and authentication logic for different apps. You can support both groups while decreasing the time it takes to develop apps by relying on Workspace ONE for Single Sign On (SSO). When an end user visits your app, the app can redirect the user to Workspace ONE for authentication.

OpenID Connect (OIDC) SSO relies on JSON-based communication between your app and Workspace ONE. It is often the preferred SSO method of mobile developers and is also used in many new web apps. OIDC allows an end user with a browser to log into an Identity Provider (IdP) such as Workspace ONE.



Identity Manager Implementation Summary

  • Take advantage of one of the many OIDC libraries to make implementation easier. 
  • Register your app as an OIDC client in Workspace ONE using the Identity Manager console. 
  • Use browser redirects to transfer your user to Workspace ONE for authentication. 
  • Requires some coding. 
  • Web app, native app, or other app.