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This tutorial will walk developers through how to create a tunnel for a mobile app’s network traffic to access intranet resources by utilizing the Android per-app-VPN capability as prescribed by the standard. The steps in this tutorial are done with the assumption that you have gone through the steps in General Setup tutorial.


  • Android 5.0+ (Lollipop)
  • AirWatch Console version 8.1 and above
  • AirWatch Tunnel or a Per App VPN Solution supported by AirWatch
  • Android Tunnel client application

Developer Considerations

No additional code is required to leverage Per-app VPN. The app must be deployed under “management” to the device by AirWatch. During distribution, AirWatch entitles the application to be an approved user of the Per-App VPN utilized.


Per-app VPN configuration is setup via the following steps:

  1. Infrastructure configuration – Per-app VPN infrastructure is installed and configured.
  2. Profile configuration – Per-app VPN profile is configured via the AirWatch Console
  3. App deployment/configuration – The application is added to the AirWatch Console and the Per-app VPN profile is assigned to the application

Infrastructure Configuration

This tutorial assumes that the Per-app VPN infrastructure is in place already. For information on AirWatch tunnel please refer to Installation and Admin guides on the myAirWatch Resource portal.

A VPN Client application is required on the Android Device. AirWatch Tunnel servers have an Android companion app that needs to be deployed.

Profile Configuration

  • Log into the AirWatch console and navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View


  • Click Add then add profile


  • Select Android


  • Select VPN and click Configure


  • Select the VPN Connection type. AirWatch tunnel is selected for the Tutorial.

vpn vpntype vpnpayload

  • Click Save & Publish

App Deployment & Configuration

  • Log into the AirWatch console and navigate to Apps & Books


  • For this tutorial, Dolphin Browser will receive the Per-app VPN profile
  • Select the Public Tab and click Add Application


  • Select the Platform and enter the name of the application


  • Select Dolphin
  • Select the assignment tab and assign the app to the desired Smart Group(s)


  • Select the Deployment Tab
  • Check the “Use VPN” box and select the VPN Profile from the drop down


  • Click Save and Publish
  • Verify device assignment
  • Click Publish to confirm settings

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